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Rapla, Estonia

The small town of Rapla has only around 10 000 inhabitants and is a rural idyll. You won’t be greeted with crowds and noise, but for those looking for a quiet holiday with culture and beautiful nature, Rapla has a lot to offer.

The first thing you’ll see when approaching Rapla from Tallinn are 2 silvery towers. This is the church of Maria Magdalene (Maarja-Magdaleena), the only two-towered church in rural Estonia.

In addition to the interesting architecture, Rapla’s church has fabulous acoustics and many people visit Rapla town to attend the concerts organised there. Repertoires range from contemporary piano and pop music to classical religious choirs and religious masses, so most musical tastes are catered for. During the past 20 years, Rapla town and the Church of Maria Magdalene have hosted the national Rapla Church Music Festival, which is one of the main summer events in the Rapla region.

Rapla is the childhood home of one of the most beloved of Estonian composers, Raimond Valgre. Be sure to visit the museum room of Raimond Valgre in the Rapla Cultural Centre.

In 1858, a bloody conflict known as the Mahtra war took place in Rapla county, when Estonians troops clashed with the German punitive. You can learn more about this event, its background and results in the Mahtra museum just 15 drive fromthe town of Rapla. 

The Kuusiku Agricultural Park attracts those interested in farming technology – they have a permanent exhibition of historic farming and land tilling technology and organise annual themed events.

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