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Parnu, Estonia

Pärnu is a historical beautiful resort seaside city with a small harbour in the South-Western part of Estonia. White sandy beaches, shallow waters, rich cultural scene and numerous cafés, restaurants and nightclubs – there is plenty to see and do.

Since 1996, Pärnu has been known as the Estonia's Summer Capital. There’s a popular Estonian saying that if you haven’t seen your friends during the year, you’ll meet them all in the summer in Pärnu. Beach life, dozens of festivals, night clubs, big party crowds, concerts and funfairs - Pärnu has it all.

If you don’t like crowds, you might prefer the quietness of autumnal or wintry Pärnu and so why not spend your weekend walking on an peaceful beach, relaxing in a spa or a cosy villa or enjoying the windier days surfing. Many organisations organise conferences and seminars all year round.

Plenty of sand, sun and water

Pärnu is famous for it’s beach culture and made it’s way to the list of Russian imperial resorts already in 1890.

Long, white sandy beaches, shallow waters and “the best Sun in Estonia” attract Estonians and visiting guests alike. Beautiful beach promenade is ideal for walking and roller skating. Plenty of playgrounds, water fountains and play areas attract families with kids.

If you are feeling adventurous, try water skiing, jet skis, yachting or paddle a canoe or a kayak down the Pärnu river to the open sea and nearby islets.

Are you planning a beach holiday? More information is available at the coastal Pärnu section.

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