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Kuressaare Town

Kuresare, Estonia

Kuressaare is the only town on Estonia’s largest island Saaremaa. It offers visitors a medieval fortress, cosy cafés, a rich cultural scene, plenty of spa and wellness centres, a unique island atmosphere and it has beautiful beaches: in fact, it’s an ideal destination for a laid back holiday!

There are a number of reasons why Kuressaare is often called as the most pleasant town in Estonia: it has beautiful architecture, a slow pace of living, a Scandinavian-influenced, laid back islander attitude, hundreds of events, comfortable hotels, restaurants and spas and it’s all surrounded by beautiful untouched nature and seaside scenery!

Make the most of your holiday in Kuressaare & Saaremaa island:

Kuressaare – the ideal destination for culture and wellness holidays

How to get to Kuressaare & Saaremaa island

Saaremaa island - slow pace and beautiful nature

Historic Saaremaa island culture

There is no doubt that summer is peak season in Kuressaare. Warm weather and plenty of sun allow you to make the most of the beach life and swimming, the town is filled with life, there are lots of different events and plenty of visitors; and the restaurants’ & hotels’ outdoor terraces stay open into the early hours of the morning.

Should you be looking for something quieter and more relaxing then come to Kuressaare during winter. Snow covered rooftops, frozen beaches and  plenty of special offers at the local hotels and spas make it an ideal destination for a longer family holiday.

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