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Kärdla Town On Hiiumaa Island

Kardla, Estonia

Kärdla is the only town in Hiiumaa, located in the north-eastern coast of the island. Known for it’s cosy islander atmosphere, Kärdla is a lovely destination for laid back travellers.

Are you looking for small guesthouses, calm people and beautiful wooden architecture? If so, Kärdla is ideal for you. There are less than 4000 people living here, ensuring a slow pace and home-like feeling where ever you go. You won’t see large shopping malls, vibrant night clubs or much traffic – instead, there will be beautiful bohemian gardens and small cafés.

Town landscape is most affected by the majestic trees and plenty of little streams – largest of them called Nuutri river and flowing through the entire town.

You do not need a car or public transportation to get around Kärdla. Town territory covers about 5 square kilometres, so everything is within an easy reach. North part of Kärdla is called the Old Kärdla among locals and is a beloved walking area for young mums and grandparents with children or young hearts looking for a bit of old fashioned romance.

Enjoy walking down the old streets, wonder in the private housing areas and admire the beautiful, well preserved traditional wooden architecture. Traffic levels are very low and distances short: it won’t take more than 30 minutes to get to the sea or juniper filled fields: wild nature surrounds Kärdla and small, enchanting fisherman villages are close by.

Rent a bike and take a picnic basket with you, when travelling outside the town: local tourist farms provide good home-cooked meals but may not be available without booking in advance.

Best way to know what to see and do in Kärdla and Hiiumaa island is to stop by the local Tourism Information Centre – fresh information about upcoming events, maps, tips and assistance on booking accommodation or finding an active holiday activity to participate in.

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