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Estonian Health Care Museum

Tallinn, Estonia

At this cutting-edge museum you'll get the full tour of the human body inside and out, and learn about the medicine of the past. 

The Estonian Health Care Museum’s permanent exhibition, ‘About your body, openly and honestly’ makes its home in two connected medieval buildings in Tallinn’s Old Town. Each room has a theme of its own, virtually dissecting the human body and focusing on each organ. Visitors will also learn something new about topics such as human evolution, healthy eating and modern disease diagnostics.

There are plenty of exciting, hands-on exhibits, both electronic and mechanical. to get visitors really involved. Many of them using original software developed by the museum, they illustrate the basic principles of the functioning of the body, making the experience entertaining as well as educational. 

As the Health Care Museum collects and displays Estonia’s medical heritage accumulated through the ages, each room also contains a selection of relevant medical items used in the past. These instruments and medicines paint a vivid picture of the treatment process of days gone by.

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